Who are we?

Karma Teachers is a group of yoga teachers committed to selfless action and giving back to our community. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds, yoga lineages and practices, and are united by our passion for yoga and sharing its many benefits. We believe that by imparting yogic knowledge, we are helping to enhance the lives of others, especially those living in our community.

What do we do?

Karma Teachers offers free and by-donation yoga classes in downtown Vancouver, making yoga accessible to many people who might not otherwise have an opportunity to practice. We also offer the only registered Non-Profit Yoga Teacher Training in Canada, giving those who cannot afford an expensive teacher training an opportunity to deepen their understanding of this beautiful practice. 

How can you Help?

Donate to Karma Teachers today to help us continue on our mission. Your generous donations allow us to offer free and by-donation yoga classes to those who truly need them. Through your contributions, we are also able to  offer both full and partial Teacher Training scholarships to our aspiring teachers who need a bit of support to attend our training. To donate, click the button below. 


Karma Teachers Studio was created in 2011. The mission was to share the benefits of yoga to enhance people's lives, build community, and make the practice accessible to all. Our tireless, generous efforts have led to the transformation of hundreds if not thousands of lives, as Karma Teachers continues to embrace this vision to empower at-risk and homeless youth, those struggling with addictions, and mental illness, low-income families and absolutely everyone else who may benefit from the practice of yoga, through self-healing and self-acceptance. 


"The teachers and students that Karma Teachers has gathered together have the vision to bring true yoga far beyond the confines of any studio.”

-Katherine Wilson


"Karma Teachers is the epitome of what yoga is. It gives and keeps giving. It is hard to describe the love that comes from this studio."



-Dolly Araquel

Our Leaders