Our Classes

We proudly offer a wide variety of yoga classes to suit all levels of students. To learn more about our class styles and offerings, check out the class descriptions below. If you have any questions about choosing the right class for you, our friendly teachers and front desk staff will be happy to help you. Interested in becoming a Teacher? We also offer Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver.


Ananda Marga

This class begins with hatha yoga postures and pranayama to relax and strengthen the body and calm the mind. Next, the universal mantra "Baba Nam Kevalam" (love is all there is) and other sanskrit chants are sung to create a devotional mood and spiritually-charged atmosphere, in preparation for seated meditation.


Booty Freedom

This unique class consists of 75 minutes of strengthening and exploring the hips and glutes, and bustin' that root chakra wide open with a fusion of pilates, booty shaking, and free form movement! This class is designed to promote safe and positive spaces and is open to everyone. Be sure to wear comfortable sneakers.


Brunch Hatha

Long week? Late night out? No worries! Brunch Hatha to the rescue! Enjoy a more chill approach with this practice. This class provides instruction on basic meditation techniques, pranayama and asana. Gently stimulate, recharge and strengthen your body as you release the mind and tune in.



Dharma Yoga is a classical style of yoga in the lineage of the living master Sri Dharma Mittra. As taught by Dharma, this practice is designed to fit each person, according to their own conditions. As such, this practice is accessible to all levels of students.



Enjoy a more relaxed approach to your practice. This class provides instruction on basic meditation techniques, pranayama and asana. Hatha is less vigorous than a typical vinyasa or power class, but it’s undoubtedly just as effective. Gently stimulate, recharge and strengthen your body as you release the mind and tune in.



Kundalini meditation awakens the energy-force that resides in the base of the spine. An array of simple movements trigger the unlocking of Kundalini energy to be utilized as a powerful primal energy source. Many people have yet to experience this dormant energetic reservoir - truly something you must practice to understand!


Mantra yoga is a practice of connection through the recitation of sacred sound. Mantras, the combinations of sacred syllables, open the heart and bring one to a state of peace beyond the turbulence of the mind. Not to worry, having a good singing voice is not a prerequisite. Simply let beauty of your inner voice come through.


Mindfulness Meditation

Take time to reflect on your life and practice during this weekly mindfulness meditation class. The class begins with a conversation on incorporating mindfulness into our lives and practice. 45 minutes of meditation will be sure to leave you feeling re-balanced and open. Stay for a Q&A and sharing session post meditation!



Meditation’s primary design focuses on relieving your mind from limiting thought patterns and unravelling truth in the present moment. In this class, you are encouraged to disengage with your thoughts. Alternatively, you will be guided into a place of objective observance, where the essence of truth lies.


Power Vinyasa

Looking to get a full body workout while staying cool, calm and collected? This class is for you. You will be guided into creative flows that push you to your physical and mental limits. Break through negative thought patterns and take your body and mind to its full potential with this challenging full-body class.



Pranayama is the science and practice of controlling and regulating the currents of breathing, which is the source of our vital life force (prana). In these classes, you'll learn how to observe and regulate your breathing, preparing yourself for deep, introspective states of meditation.


This passive class leads way to full relaxation of the body and mind. Take time to nourish yourself as you support physical releases with a variety of props. Longer held poses provides the time to be attentive to your physical and mental needs. Treating yourself to a restorative class is the epitome of self-love!


Yin is a more passive form of yoga that targets your connective tissues, ligaments and even joints. Longer held poses, typically all on the ground, are employed to encourage deeper energetic release throughout the body, making this a great class to compliment any rigorous practice or fitness regime.



In this all inclusive, all levels yoga class, practitioners will have the opportunity to connect to their bodies in a safe and supportive space. We welcome individuals who may be struggling with their physical health, mental health or substance use; people who may be having a hard time finding secure and stable housing or employment and, everyone else in between.This is a chance to heal, to recover and to build resilience through movement and mindfulness.



Vinyasa classes systematically combine breath with movement to lead you into a meditative state. Easy-to-follow sequencing strengthens, opens and releases the entire body. Let your breath inform every movement as you flow your way to a liberated self!