yin 2.0 - yin & the energy body



Come immerse yourself in the energetic aspects of the yin yoga practice. This
advanced Yin program will guide you through poses, flows, breath, meditations
and philosophy to access and enhance the energy within.

In addition to enhancing your personal connection to your energy body through
yin yoga, this program is also designed for yoga teachers and wellness
professionals who would like to take this learning and incorporate into classes & wellness services. Explore the yin side with us & become yin-spired.

Each day is a blend of a class, meditation, breathwork, presentations and hands on exploration of the following topics.

In this program you will learn:


  • Founders of yin - how the energy body came to be incorporated in the practice

  • Intro to yin/yang relativity

  • Chakras & 5 Element Theory Poses, Flows & Techniques

  • Yin poses & Qigong inspired movement to enhance the flow of energy in the body

  • How to use self-massage balls to release and hydrate the fascia

  • Energy techniques to release, strengthen and regulate the energetic body

Teaching Methodology

  • How to teach poses & classes based on the energy body framework

  • Sequencing & themeing for personal practice, yin or yin fusion energy focused classes

  • Assist for the energy body and how to support students with various needs (including trauma sensitivity)

  • Practicum for those interested in teaching


  • Fascia & biotensegrity model as it relates to the energy body

  • Western vs. Eastern views of the energy body

  • Maps of the energy body (chakra system, meridian theory & 5 elements)

  • Learning about one's own energy field and begin to sense others energy as it relates to physical assists

Pranayama & Meditation

  • Breath techniques to experience greater awareness of the energy body

  • Energy focused meditations using breath & visualization to connect to the energetic flow within

This program counts towards Karma Teacher’s 300hr Yoga Alliance program. If
you are already a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and not a part of the 300hr, you may also count this training towards your continuing education units. Please note: in order to teach Yin yoga, a 200 hour certificate is required.


About the instructor

Lucy St. John is an inspiring Yoga and Vedic teacher in Vancouver BC. She started practicing yoga in 1998 and she brings a contemporary approach to an ancient tradition. Her classes are full of laughter, stories,mindfulness, and breath. She writes a monthly blog and has taught in yoga studios in California, Costa Rica, Tobago, Vancouver, Winnipeg and the Gulf Islands in BC. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Pelvic Floor, Pain Care yoga and Acroyoga. She is Yoga alliance certified with over 1000+ hours of training. 

She has taught 200 HR teacher trainings and specialty workshops since 2013.




  • FULL PRICE: $600 + GST




Energy Body Yin, Qigong, Chakras, Myofascial - 40 hour program

Dates: To be announced

(8 hours per day, will include 80 minutes break - 1 hr lunch and remaining minutes quick breaks)

More details to come soon. Please e-mail info@karmateachers.org with any questions.

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