Lili |  2017

To say that the Yoga Teacher Training at Karma teachers studio is transformative is an understatement. You may have heard people say that their Yoga Teacher Training was a life changing experience. At Karma it is so much more than just an experience. I cannot imagine having spent these 5 incredible weeks at any other studio. If one is drawn to Karma teachers it is for a very particular reason. Everything that Karma teachers stands for is yoga at its root definition. The level of depth established in the philosophical discussions, the many meditative and cleansing techniques, the breadth of knowledge and scope of teachers shown were much appreciated outside the realm of physical postures. As an architect and artist, I am proud to say, of all my post secondary education, this healing journey was one of the best programs I have chosen to partake in.

When I was searching for a month long intensive teacher training I found Karma teachers online and noticed they are the only non profit yoga studio in all of Canada. This statement in itself shows the purity of KT and their dedication to sharing knowledge while caring for their community, especially considering the immediate physical surrounding conditions, they do their best to serve the downtown Eastside. Needless to say I traveled from Calgary to partake in the endeavor and enjoyed every moment of it. Their initiative to support people in their journey with available scholarships is commendable and I hope the studio only grows to continue hosting such healing.

The people who run this centre do it truly out of devotion to yoga, the greater impact on the community and within our world. Having spent this time at KT I feel as though I have been welcomed into a family. I appreciate this sense of community building especially in a city such as Vancouver. I am happy to be continually connected with the wonderful Karma community for this lifetime. I recommend Karma teachers to anyone even thinking about it. They are present for absolute support throughout your journey.”

Sarah S. | 2017

“What started out as a “Ok, let’s try this” has become an experience of learning, challenging, growing and loving that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my life. The Karma Teachers space is one of acceptance, I can’t think of a better community to have done the Teacher Training with. I had many many people recommend the YTT to me and finally I thought it would be worth taking a look at. I didn’t know what to expect when I got accepted but I never thought that I would come out with the wealth of knowledge that I gained from everyone I met, teachers and students, and a better sense of purpose for my life. I can say without a doubt that what I and the rest of my fellow trainees got to experience is what yoga is really all about. And now I want to share that with the world. Thank you Karma Teachers for giving me this gift, I am eternally grateful.”

Luna Lynne | 2017

“Karma teachers is a hub for spiritual, emotional and physical growth. When I found this sanctuary many concepts within my current perception shifted, I had come across a home of peaceful curiosity. Being given the amazing opportunity to participate in a teacher training here was a dream come true, to be able to present myself within the great path of a healer and be guided by such strong and powerful teachers, Steve Fazzari & Lucy St John, was something I never quite expected. The training was one of the most profound experiences I have yet to have, this environment will help to guide you to where you are needed, bless you with insight and start you on the path of internal and external healing! Much support is continuously given long after you graduate!"

Nikki Bennett | 2017

I don't even know where to begin. But then, I also didn't know when I began the course. I was quite lost and didn't really know what to expect. But that course gave me everything I needed that I didn't know I was missing. It wasn't just the amazing teachers, Steve Fazzari & Lucy St John but the group that has now become my family but it was also Karma Teachers itself. The community feel is just irreplaceable, and the whole concept is amazing. But back to the teachers, the support was fantastic. I loved each and every one of them. And I loved the fact that they brought in different teachers so you are able to get different perspectives on yoga philosophy and styles. Everyone told me this course would be life changing and now that's the only way I can describe it."

Juniper Quin | 2014

“To anyone considering future Karma Teachers trainings, I say this: I have never, in any other learning environment, felt more empowered to explore my own limits, to ask for help, and to stand strong in my vulnerability with the certainty that I would be supported by my mentors and peers. This training is a sensitive organism, and what you give to it, you will receive back exponentially. This stuff is pure magic, and I hope to see its spirit spread all over the world.To everyone involved in my training – mentors, guest teachers, and students – I put my forehead to the ground for you. Infinite blessings for continued growth toward your highest potential! Namaste.”

Frieda Liapis | 2015

“Real, raw, truth. I came to Karma Teachers with an intention to deepen my understanding of embodying yoga. This opened me to facing, feeling and owning some of my deepest emotions. The experience and engaged learning of the teacher training created a climate in which to explore multi-levels of healing and growth through connection. Through my experience with the teacher training and I have become aware of deep levels of healing that are being integrated and being brought to present. The connection and support of the teacher training provided a transcendental experience through a muti-layering and multi-faceted approach through which there is potential to explore many perspectives and opportunities for healing, transformation and growth. I feel so grateful for Karma Yoga, as well as for the Teacher Training and for the journey and discovery of healing within our community.”

Zoe | 2017

Karma Teachers -- wow, what can I say... September 2017 was a very transformative, and enlightening month. Through the intensive, I experienced an overwhelming amount of both understanding and incredible ignorance. I was not expecting to finish the training with such immense gratitude, admiration, and humbleness. These people are amazing and I feel blessed everyday to have met them all. I overcame so much through the training, and it really sent me in the direction I need to travel. For me, this experience opened up some really painful doors that I have been keeping shut for my whole life. It allowed me to feel and to begin to heal. All while being surrounded by my beloved yoga family. What a special thing to be so safe. I will never take that for granted. I owe so much to all my wonderful teachers; Steve Fazzari, Lucy St. John, Risto Duggan, Engel Pherecydes, and of course Andrew Fredericks for being such inspiring and devoted guides. They are all such spectacular lights in this world. I miss my yoga family everyday <3 but I'm so happy this little (actually huge) journey together sent you all over the world! I'm with you in spirit. Namaste."

Dan McNeil | 2017

“I went from squeezing in a yoga session a week to five times per week after taking the KT YTT. I had tried many techniques (breathing, postures, meditations) but never felt confident trying them on my own. But the foundation in why these are important combined with the practical knowledge has changed my personal practice entirely. The teachers, the studio, the Hastings location, the intensity, and my classmates brought about rapid-fire revelations every day. I felt truly lucky to be spending time with every one of our teachers. I would happily sign up for the life that I had at KT for months, years! The course pulled together all sorts of knowledge that I had picked up in classes, travels in India, workshops into one comprehensive building set of knowledge. I didn’t know if I was ready to teach yoga when I finished, but I found that there was so much need in the people around me that I had to start immediately. I came to the realization through the course that I don’t need to worry about myself. My basic needs are taken care of, why worry it’s time to focus on other beings, they’re all me anyway!

1. I feel lucky that I had teachers who felt special to me. Not only knowledgeable, but each with their own talent, angle and drive.

2. I came to Karma Teachers for the community inclusiveness. The care that KT puts into the surrounding community, volunteers, and yogis is exceptional and beautiful.

3. Every day was a perfectly balance challenge physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. When we would challenge ourselves in one aspect, we would usually transition in to something that would round the day holistically.

4. It was like summer camp for the soul. The long lunch breaks and inclusive nature allowed for connection with classmates and time to reflect.

5. I just learned so much in a month. Much more focus on philosophy, history, and stories of the yogic path than I had been expecting. Exactly what I needed even if I didn’t know it.”

Sharee D. | 2015

Alejandra Orozco | 2017

“There are no words. No way to describe how deeply Karma Teachers has touched me. I see it in all the people around me, all the people that Karma Teachers comes in contact with. Something has shifted in me since the Karma Teachers family have come into my life. I have watched rebirths that have moved me to tears, I have watched people grow in mind, body and spirit and I feel connected to them all. I have challenged myself in every way possible, and if I could do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you Karma Teachers for changing the world and for helping us change the world!” # Karma revolution 

“Is hard to describe all the good things that KT has brought to my life. They gave me the biggest gift I could ever ask for, and they lit up my path just at the right time. Let me tell you, this place is MAGIC. I found in them not just an amazing yoga studio, but a second home I could always go to not just to do yoga and a community that is more like a family now and forever. I will never be able to give back everything I've learned from them, more than just a Teacher Training, they gave me a way to see and live my life, to open my eyes and see the love in everything, everyone and everywhere. I am thankful with the universe and life to let me be part of this beautiful place and to let me share and learn so many things from KT, you will never regret being a part of this huge and loving family.”

Katherine Wilson | 2014

"The teachers and students that Karma Teachers has gathered together have the vision to bring true yoga far beyond the confines of any studio. We are learning how to become servants to others by working on ourselves first. What a transformative gift.”

Sophi Kebede | 2015

“Karma Teacher Training is a transformational journey that deepens the soul and softens the heart in order to create the space within to reach your truth. Throughout the course I have felt empowered to believe in myself more and realize that I can make a positive impact through yoga; that I have what it takes to become a teacher. Thank you to the Karma Teacher Tribe for your love and devotion.”

Dolly Araquel | 2015

“Karma Teachers is the epitome of what yoga is. It gives and keeps giving. It is hard to describe the love that comes from that studio. You can feel the selfless generosity and the unending positive energy from the teachers and students that arrive at the mat. Karma not only provides yoga to those that need it, and we all need it, but also a place for the teachers to spread their love of yoga. As a new teacher, I am always looking for places to teach. Karma Teachers again works on trust and love. They did not ask for insurance, certificates, waivers or where and how long have I been teaching. All they want to know is that you want to teach what you love and believe in the absolute healing powers of yoga.

Karma Teachers is now spreading their selfless generosity to my daughter. She is interested in taking her teacher training in the coming months. Again, Karma Teachers has extended their generosity to us and providing a subsidy for the training. Without their help, it would not be possible for my daughter to take the training. This training will completely transform her life at a time when she is confused. It will also enable her to spread the benefits of yoga to yogis and future yogi’s. It would be hard to measure the ripple effect of Karma Teachers because there are so many lives that have been touched. But be assured that because of Karma Teachers, many lives have been saved and about to be saved.”

Karthik Chatapuram | 2014

“The program was challenging at times; opportunities were created for me to face my fears, see unfiltered the tendencies and habits that have limited my freedom. Tiredness, doubts, intense feelings of purposelessness, cravings, boredom, I had to be with a rainbow of emotions and feelings. As hard as they were, I showed up week after week because there was love here, teachers that were present through every step to serve us unconditionally, hold our hand and walk us through the fire of this body-mind complex.

This teacher training was born from a pure intention to love, heal and empower and the intention was powerful beyond measure. It held us all together, shed light on our darkest secrets and melted them in asanas and hugs.

Our teacher embodies acceptance, love and patience. In his relationship with us, in his words, in his teachings and his presence. I witnessed him interact with a variety of students, from different paths in life, seeking different things, facing different challenges. He held them all equally, with sincerity and patience, gave each one the utmost respect and the opportunity to be heard. In the presence of such a strong and pure intention of love, one has no choice but to melt, drop their walls and shine in one’s own flavor of divine love. I am blessed to be in the presence of such a soul and share in his time, love and light.

Michael is a warrior, a powerhouse of energy and balance but with a smile. This comes across as the first thing in his teachings and technique. He often sheds light on the foundation of each asana, the grounding element the can effortlessly bring about beauty and balance. Knowing Michael, being his student reveals the secrets to the essential element of yoga – Heart. In the practice of asana and also in the practice of being a human being, Michael is a rare teacher that understands and embodies the principles of the yogic practice. His energy can push one to become strong and balanced from the ground up. The same energy is also kind, loving, joyful and childlike. In the most intense of practices his ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’ theme offers wisdom and understanding to rise above the stresses of life and be free.”