mythology &vedic story telling Training


Come and discover the archetypes and themes that we are all living out in daily life. 

When I was in India 20 years ago, I learned the stories orally as they were
traditionally shared, non-linearly and over a sacred fire. It was as if I had never
heard with my heart before and this experience charmed me onto the Yogic path.

I believe these stories have the power to Awaken you and inspire your Dharma,
your life’s purpose.

You will understand yoga from its roots, through the richness of Vedic literature and history. You’ll see how it contributes to your daily life and you’ll learn how the myths were meant to be tools in of daily yogic knowledge.

You will be able to tell a good story, theme a class and develop a personal
relationship to the deities in a non-religious, non-dogmatic context.
We will discuss the characters and the significance of the Bhagavad-Gita,
Mahabharata and Ramayana.

We won’t leave out the “shadow” characters or demons, as we will learn as much from them as we do from the characters we revere!

This course includes

You don’t need any prior knowledge of philosophy or Vedic thought to take this
course. If you do have some education in this field, you will learn what you cannot find in books or on Google.
These teachings were passed orally and will be passed to you in that tradition so you can feel the vitality and life force of these energies and fundamental building blocks of the development of consciousness.


About the instructor

Lucy St. John is an inspiring Yoga and Vedic teacher of teachers in Vancouver BC. She started practicing yoga in 1998 and she brings a contemporary approach to Yoga while honouring the ancient tradition. Her classes are full of laughter, stories, mindfulness, and breath. She writes a monthly blog and has taught in yoga studios
both nationally and internationally. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Pelvic Floor,Pain Care yoga and Acroyoga. She is Yoga Alliance and YACEP certified with over 1000+ hours of Yoga training. Plus, over 18 years of training in comparable holistic therapies ranging from Reiki to Integrated Body Psychotherapy.
She has taught 200 HR teacher trainings and specialty workshops since 2013.




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  • FEB. 5TH-8TH 8AM-5PM (FEB 7TH P.M. OFF)




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